Car #33 E. Evans – S. Martin (Toyota Yaris WRC): “A bit more slippery than expected in places. Struggling to rotate the car but overall OK.”

Car #17 S. Ogier – J. Ingrassia (Toyota Yaris WRC): “This one is a little bit more natural. It is gonna get quicker. We tried our best but it was not easy”

Car #8 O. Tänak – M. Järveoja (Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC): (no good time) did not speak [no obvious damage to the car]

Car #69 K. Rovanpera – J. Halttunen (Toyota Yaris WRC): [STOPPED at 12Km then moving again, back of the car swinging out. Touched a tree with the front]

Car #11 T. Neuville – N. Gilsoul (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC): “The second spare wheel makes the car sliding a lot. But for the second pass it is good to have one more spare tyre as the road sections are quite long. We played it safe but I cannot push as I should be able to push”

Car #4 E. Lappi – J. Ferm (Ford Fiesta WRC): [OUT OF THE CAR, technical issue, steam going out from the engine bay, seems water temperature issues]

Car #3 T. Suninen – J. Lehtinen (Ford Fiesta WRC): It is good to be here like this but still a long way to go.

Car #44 G. Greensmith – E. Edmondson (Ford Fiesta WRC): “Ford developed a great car. The Team improved it last year and they have improved it now. Really nice to see, I began to push it a bit more I had quite a big moment towards the end but I am enjoying this”

Car #18 T. Katsuta – D. Barritt (Toyota Yaris WRC): “I stalled the engine twice, my mistake. A bit disappointed but it is OK” (a bit wide on a left hander)

Car #6 D. Sordo – C. Del Barrio (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC): “I feel really good with the car. Everything is fine. I can push a bit more, but I do not know where the limit of the tyres is. I have only 5 tyres for the entire loop but I think it will be OK. I will have a look at the tyres but the rest was good ”

Car #7 P.L. Loubet – V. Landais (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC): “It was very slippery for me and difficult to stay in the line. But tried to enjoy and we will improve for the next time”

Car #23 P. Tidemand – P. Barth (Skoda Fabia Evo): “It is a very long rally to go still. I do not have experience, the stage was good but I do not have experience and for sure I struggled a bit to find a perfect rhythm. I stopped in a junction but we are here”

Car #24 M. Ostberg – T. Eriksen (Citroen C3): It is a difficult situation on a very bad timing in the championship. I am very disappointed, but I will do my best. I started my career in rear-wheel drives so I will try to take advantage of that”

Car #25 A. Fourmaux – R. Jamoul (Ford Fiesta MkII): “A difficult stage for us, we were close to roll in the hairpin, we put the car on four wheels and lost 15s. We had to go a bit to the front and then back. But after that it was OK. At 5K before the end we got a puncture to the rear right. Yeah, a difficult stage but it is ok.”

Car #52 M.Pollara – M. Messina (Ford Fiesta Rally4): (He stopped 2 km before the finish line of SS1 with a broken drive shaft)