The Sardinia Rally route represents one of the most spectacular scenarios in the World Rally Championship calendar.
We are proud to stage the WRC event in a region like Sardinia, but also aware that all this must be preserved.
The exceptional beauty and the particular fauna and landscape value of the places, led us from the beginning to set up our work according to an event planning and management system aimed at guaranteeing a high level of environmental sustainability of the race and the places involved in the Rally.
We started our activity in 2016 and in 2018, the Rally Italia Sardegna reached three stars, the highest level of accreditation of the Environmental Sustainability Program of the International Automobile Federation – FIA (https://www.fia.com/fia-action-environment).

Our team works to create the best conditions for enhancing the event with the ambitious goal of raising the environmental performance of the race, according to a principle of “social responsibility” shared at all levels.
It is not easy in a car race, but we are more motivated than ever to follow best practices and experiment new strategies to implement the virtuous process undertaken.
This is our challenge.

Below you can read more about our efforts to preserve and protect the territory and reduce our carbon footprint.

Rally Italia Sardegna environmental information (updates)







Environmental Team and Role Name E-mail
General Coordinator Enrico Pagliari e.pagliari@aci.it
Environmental Policy Management, Communication, Design materials & Procurement Stefania Balestrieri s.balestrieri@aci.it
Environmental Data Collection & Reporting Eugenia Ancidoni e.ancidoni@aci.it
Event Transportation Management Alberto Andreoni a.andreoni@aci.it
Waste & Water Management Marco Antonio Di Giovanni m.digiovanni@aci.it
Air quality & Energy use Management Luigi Di Matteo l.dimatteo@aci.it
Noise & Biodiversity Management Pietro Penna p.penna@aci.it