The Italian round of the World Rally Championship doubles its location in 2020. From coast to coast. The rally will kick-off from the North-East with the opening ceremony and the initial part of the event in Olbia. The rest will stay in the classic location in the province of Sassari.

The RIS 2020 will be an unprecedented edition. For the next season a double location for the rally has been decided: Olbia and Alghero. The recent Sporting Commission of ACI meeting in Rome defined this new solution for the Italian round of the FIA World Rally Championship.

The next Rally Italia Sardegna will therefore start from Olbia. The North East city will host the opening ceremony before the first special stage. The competition will then relocate to Alghero, the town that has been hosting the rally since 2014, that will still be the SP and HQ of the event and will host the remaining part of the event.

The RIS will therefore be back to its origins in the oriental province of the Island that staged the first 10 editions of the event.

Photo: RIS 2017 in Olbia