The 17 editions in Sardinia strengthen the relationship between the sporting event and the cultural roots of the country. 22 municipalities involved for 2020

The partnership between the organization by ACI Sport for ACI (Automobile Club d’Italia) and Regione Sardegna strengthens every year the connection between the rally and its territory. At the eve of the 17th edition – a new record for the Rally Italia – Sardinia put its fingerprint on the event giving a unique identity that is more and more connected to the tradition and people of the hosting region to the Italian round of the World Rally Championship.

Cutting the island in two, the landscape of RIS is a kaleidoscope. From the west to the east and back, from the yellow-red Catalan colors of Alghero to the azure of the Costa Smeralda and Olbia that is back as one of the central places of the event. In between are 1335 km that tell the history of a unique Region among the 20 of the Italian boot. The support of the Sardinian municipalities is going to be crucial also in this edition of RIS. A total of 22 municipalities will welcome the RIS along its way:  Alà dei Sardi, Alghero, Bortigiadas, Buddusò, Castelsardo, Erula, Ittiri, Olbia, Olmedo, Oschiri, Osilo, Ozieri, Pattada, Perfugas, Porto Torres, Santa Maria Coghinas, Sassari, Sedini, Tempio Pausania, Tergu, Tula and Valledoria.

The different identities of the same territory will be the landscape of the rally. The various areas touched by the rally stages will be named after their traditional names. The 12 stages, from the shakedown to the power stage will be divided in several zones within which the media, spectators and Gold Pass areas will be defined. 29 names for 29 unique places, a lot of which are already well-known touristic places, while others are famous for their rally sections. Among the novelties, the famous “Micky’s Jump” has been renamed “Lerno’s Jump”.


Un nome originale per ogni area spettatori29 AREAS


SHAKEDOWN | OLMEDO: Bauxite Arena (south/north)

SSS1 CABU-ABBAS: Olbia Cabu Abass

SS2-7 TEMPIO PAUSANIA: Rinaggiu – Petramaina

SS3-6 ERULA-TULA: Turrina Manna (south/north)

SS4-6 SEDINI-CASTELSARDO: Roccia dell’Elefante – la Pecora Nera – Golfo dell’Asinara – Monte Ossoni

SS5-9 MONTE BARANTA: Bauxite Arena (south/north)

SS10-13 COILUNA LOELLE: Salto di Coiluna – Salto di Castrazza – Buddusò Arena – Nuraghe Loelle

SS11-14 MONTI DI Alà – SA CONCHEDDA: Monte Acuto – Santa Reparata – Vedetta Balestrieri

SS12-15 MONTE LERNO: Sos Vanzos – Salto di Lerno – Rio Mannu – Guado Su Filigosu

SS16 ITTIRI ARENA: Ittiri Arena

SS17/19 CALA FLUMINI: Su Lioni – Pozzo San Nicola – Rena Maiore

SS18-20 SASSARI ARGENTIERA: Palmadula – Costa di Ebidozzi (south/north)