Car #18 T. Katsuta – D. Barritt (Toyota Yaris WRC): “Very slippery. It is a kind of good experience for me. Opening the road is not easy now I understand why the top guys are complaining in the first day”

Car #69 K. Rovanpera – J. Halttunen (Toyota Yaris WRC): [OUT of the car, he had an accident, some damages on the rear-left are visible]

Car #8 O. Tänak – M. Järveoja (Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC): “Kalle had an accident, they are out of the car in a very bad place. Not so nice at this speed between these trees”

Car #7 P.L. Loubet – V. Landais (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC): “I touched the rear again” [more damage to the rear of the car]

Car #44 G. Greensmith – E. Edmondson (Ford Fiesta WRC): “It was better in here to be fair, we made some changes in between the stages. But it is not all down to the tyres, my pace notes were just not good enough in the first one. We need to improve a bit more. But if we can get to it quickly, then everything is fine”

Car #33 E. Evans – S. Martin (Toyota Yaris WRC): “We are trying everything we can, the car is working well so we just try to drive as well as possible and give it a good go”.

Car #17 S. Ogier – J. Ingrassia (Toyota Yaris WRC):”No small things, it was more slippery than expected. CoulD have been better. I am trying and will keep pushing”.

Car #11 T. Neuville – N. Gilsoul (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC): “I thought tyre wear could be a problem. I think with 5 [so only 1 spare] it would have been better. Maybe I slowed down too much where Rovanpera went off. We did not have info on what happened and I saw him making big signs so probably I slowed down too much as well”

Car #3 T. Suninen – J. Lehtinen (Ford Fiesta WRC): “Nothing is going on, I tried to make a junction use handbrake to rotate the car and I did not have the handbrake so I needed to reverse”

Car #6 D. Sordo – C. Del Barrio (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC): “[The damage to the rear right of the car] was from the stage before”.

Car #23 P. Tidemand – P. Barth (Škoda Fabia R5): “It is very long, It is the first time I did the stages I hope it will be easier the second time. There is a lot of cleaning going on. We just need to have the focus and keep going”

Car #25 A. Fourmaux – R. Jamoul (Ford Fiesta R5): “” [does not speak]

Car #28 E. Bynildsen – I. Minor (Škoda Fabia R5):“To be honest it has been a struggling weekend so far. The times are there. We need to keep an eye on the guys behind. We are improving, but I think the guys behind will be faster for sure”

Car #27 O. C. Veiby – J. Andersson (Hyundai i20 R5): “About the boot I do not know, maybe we forgot to close it. We were working a bit on the car so maybe we forgot. The puncture, I really do not know where I got it. It is frustrating” [puncture and boot open]

Car 24 M. Ostberg – T. Eriksen (Citroën C3 WRC): “[the door?]I do not know. I think it is a technical issue, a failure of the door knob [joking]. I am testing now, that makes me happy, we are trying different things on the car and trying to enjoy it. This was a rally we could win and it is a shame what happened yesterday. It is one of those rallies where everything goes wrong”