Car #33 E. Evans – S. Martin (Toyota Yaris WRC):  “It’s attacking of course! The conditions are very very loose in here. Much less grip than expected. It’s going to be tricky”

Car #17 S. Ogier – J. Ingrassia (Toyota Yaris WRC):  “It is very slippery, so we are going  lose a lot of time compared to the guys behind. We have to deal with it” 

Car #8 O. Tänak – M. Järveoja (Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC): “Back to the champions pace? What is it worth?!” 

Car #69 K. Rovanpera – J. Halttunen (Toyota Yaris WRC): (does not speak, not a good stage time)

Car #11 T. Neuville – N. Gilsoul (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC): “It is the second time today that the car stalled at the hairpin, the starter was not working I could not restart the car. I lost minimum 6-7secs”

Car #3 T. Suninen – J. Lehtinen (Ford Fiesta WRC): “We are trying, I am not sure if I tried too hard we are going to see later,  but I tried my best”

Car #44 G. Greensmith – E. Edmondson (Ford Fiesta WRC): “That was probably the worst driving I have done all day. The time does not seem too bad but the road is cleaning a lot in there. So if you look it against how much it cleaned probably it was not my best drive”

Car #6 D. Sordo – C. Del Barrio (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC):  “I did not do a very good stage. It was so slippery for me and the tyres were a little bit too soft, I was sliding a bit too much. I was not so happy”

Car #7 P.L. Loubet – V. Landais (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC): [rear bumper damage]

Car #23 P. Tidemand – P. Barth (Skoda Fabia Evo):  “It is a short afternoon. It was OK, I did not know the stage before so to take the last 10% out it is very tricky but the car is working well now we just need to carry on like this”

Car #24 M. Ostberg – T. Eriksen (Citroen C3): “At least I am driving on a 4WD It is OK, not ideal because our spares are not the optimal ones. We try to keep the head up and try to get through. For sure it is not the optimal situation now but we will do our best.”

Car #25 A. Fourmaux – R. Jamoul (Ford Fiesta MkII): “In a corner, in a cut, I hit probably a rock, in my pace notes it was  just a cut but probably it was less. It was more than 8km before the end of the stage. It’s rallying ” [front left puncture]